“Unlimited? The Challenge of Human Freedom” – RZIM

We continually push the envelope and redefine society to match our cravings to be free, but is it good for a person to have freedom to do whatever he or she wants? And how does God fit into the picture? On June 18, author and apologist Ravi Zacharias and author and social critic Os Guinness will speak on the challenges of human freedom at a live open forum on the campus of Georgia Tech. “The handwriting is on the wall and a sterile secularism will not be able to withstand the religious assault of beliefs that take away our freedom. Only Christianity is strong enough to preserve our freedom and our dignity. Only the gospel of Jesus Christ gives us the enormous privilege of sacred freedom without imposing faith on anyone. History is replete with examples that politics never has had and never will have the answers to ensuring the perpetuity of a nation and the freedom and dignity of our souls.” — Ravi Zacharias “Living with our deep differences, when those differences involve our ultimate beliefs (religious or secular), is one of the world’s great questions.” — Os Guinness