“Last Call for Liberty” – US Capitol Building

“We are living in a solemn moment for the American Republic. The Western world is in decline. The search for a new world order is faltering. The global agenda is overburdened with unprecedented challenges.

“…Here in this country, the Great American Republic, which George Washington called the ‘great experiment in freedom’, history’s longest running public tutorial in the art of political freedom, is suffering its gravest crisis since the Civil War…

“And by that I mean something far deeper than just the events of the last week and certainly far deeper than all the criticism swirling round the Presidential administration. From a foreign perspective, what is the nature of the division, and why is it so serious?

Os speaks to an audience in the US Capitol on the eve of the release of his new book, Last Call for Liberty, discussing questions the following critical questions and more:

Do you know where your freedom came from?
Are there enough Americans who care about freedom?